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Mohamed Sameh Voiceover

2011: A Radio Host? Maybe

I think that is a relevant start to my story about voiceover. I was an engineering student back then who despised his study and was looking for his passion in something else. back then online radios were booming in Egypt and I wanted to be part of it thinking that it maybe a good start for a radio hosting career. I applied for a position in one of the radios that was still in the pre launching phase. There, I got meet one of the well known Radio hosts in Egypt now who introduced me to the voiceover industry and told me that I had what it takes to have a career in the voiceover industry. My first gig was an internal video for Vodafone where I terribly performed!

I was very anxious since it was my first time ever and there was around 7 other people sitting beside the engineer, and all that I could see were moving lips and frowning faces. God! those minutes felt like hours! 

A Voiceover Artist in the making!

2013: There Must be Something

The previous experience left me doubting my ability to be a voiceover artist. I started thinking about finding something else to pursue until I received that call from that same guy who got me into voiceover after more than a year from my first gig. He was asking me to come to a studio and perform in English for a paints company who were doing some videos about their products for their youtube channel. I was ecstatic, I ran to the studio and voiced 2 videos for their products. The agency was happy and got my contacts and that is how it all started. In that year I made an enormous amount of videos for some of the biggest entities like Microsoft, Samsung, Philips, Ministry of Tourism, etc.

That was the year where I started to consider my self a real voiceover artist. Projects came consistently and I got introduced to other clients through the word of mouth and I kept receiving the same feedback from the different agencies that my voice sells well with their clients! I loved that feeling!



Voiceover Artist | Mohamed Sameh

WOW! There is more & more work!

Mohamed Sameh | Arabic Voiceover | English Voiceover

2014: Hello World

That was the year where I knew that there is a global demand for my voiceover services and how big this market is! I started exploring opportunities online and I have started receiving gigs from the Gulf countries and Europe given that I perform in both Arabic and English. Since then,I was able to gain a wide exposure in the industry voicing projects for more than 100 top notch brands like: Uber, Samsung, Danone, P&G, Henkel, Pfizer, MSD, Porcelanosa, GSK, Allianz and many more. This is in addition to having a well-rounded experience in most of the voiceover projects that are available in the market as medical Narration (one of my specialties), Corporate Narration, E-learning programs, Commercial work, Internal videos, Video games, dubbing, etc.

Enough About Me!

Mohamed Sameh | Arabic Voiceover | English Voiceover

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