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A Whale or a Seabird?

I have been thinking about the relation between seabirds and whales. They are always there benefiting from the whale endeavors to feed without negatively affecting them in any way. Scientifically this is called Commensalism. I feel that this is somehow the relation between voiceover artists and big corporations or big agencies. Economy changes every day make these companies take decisions and move towards new shores looking for new business opportunities. And it affects us in every way possible. When there is a global event like the world cup for example, companies from the smallest to the biggest deliver different messages to all their audience through various mediums. This is on a local level of local companies of the countries participating or even sometimes interested in the event, to global campaigns. So, while these companies work, we do work too.

Take another example of a country whose economy is booming like the KSA which has attracted enormous investments in different sectors. Whales are swimming there and this is where we fly too..with the whale, it is much easier. Every major incident that affects economy might attract whales. The amount of work medical companies produced during covid has made almost every single bird eat.

But the question is, should you be a seabird or a whale on your own?

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